How to Remarket to Your Audience with Adwords


If you want to make sure you're reaching your audience, or a subgroup of your audience, with a particular message or offer, remarketing is a great tool to have in your business toolkit.

Audience lists are a list of people that you identify in a certain way, it's simply a list of some or all of the people who make up your audience. The most common use of audience lists is for remarketing, which is marketing again to people who have already been introduced to you in some way. But you can build lists of people who are similar to your audience in certain ways, and those are technically new people, so you are not remarketing to them. This is one of my many favorite tricks in audience lists, and we'll get to that below.

"Audience lists help you reach people who have visited your website, watched your video, engaged with your app, or shared their contact information. Set up an audience source to reach the right people, with the right message, at the right moment." - Google Adwords


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How to Find Your Avatar Online: 10 steps to finding them instead of waiting for them to come to you

adwords strategy May 01, 2018


  1. Pick three topics that target your optimal target audience.

These should be unique to your avatar, things that they identify closely with, and that are a part of your core content and offering. (Alternative approach: you can go with just one topic if you have one focus where you really want to find new people in your ideal audience interested in that specific topic, and are willing invest in that specific one.)

  1. Pick graphics strategically

Choose graphics or photos that appeal to your target audience, and that fit your brand. Find ones on your chosen topics that you'll use in your blog posts, social media posts, ads, and pins.

  1. Create a Google Adwords account and set up audiences

Set up your account and add remarketing code to your website. Create an 'audience' that is all of your site visitors for the last 90 days.

  1. Write a blog post nailing the pain point/solution

Do this for each of your three topics, or tweak and improve existing posts if you've already written...

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Thoughts from The Third Option and How to Start Working from Home

working at home Apr 19, 2018

Do you go to the office everyday? Do you stay at home with the kids? I've been working part time from home for years and I just read a book that was incredibly validating, informative and challenging all at once. I was researching about virtual assistants and discovered Shannon Miles' recently released book, The Third Option and read it on my kindle in just a few days.

What I learned from this book is that there is both a massive opportunity for more moms to do what I do, and a better way for me to do it going forward. Companies like Shannon Miles' Belay Solutions are helping solve the cost of entry problem for moms who want to take more control of their lives, in a way that provides income and professional fulfillment. For those who either aren't ready to start a business, or perhaps don't have a desire to, but are looking for a lifestyle change, Shannon lays out a viable third option.

It's a path I've been walking for a long time but have by no means mastered. After 8 years...

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Eating Like a Leader, and How I Broke My Sugar Habit

leadership Apr 13, 2018

I've been successfully losing weight again since I started blogging about leadership about a month ago. It was the missing piece for me right now.

Because I'm at the stage where I know what to do, I've lost the baby weight twice before. I know how to eat healthier, move more and approach fitness strategically. But this winter I got tripped up frequently because I had a bad attitude about it, and about life.

Or at least a bad mental state that I would easily slip into. I'm sure other educated stay-at-home moms know the feeling, the funk you can get into when you're at home with little kids, changing diapers, doing laundry, and cleaning up messes. When I felt lonely and bored, I would eat sugar as a pick-me-up. And when I got past those emotions, I would get stressed out by work - because I don't actually just stay at home with kids - and then I would eat something sugary or high-calorie.

This winter I was in a cycle where I knew I wanted to make a change, but I just couldn't get the...

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Has Anyone Asked You How You Want to Feel?

books Apr 09, 2018

Last week I finished reading The Desire Map, by Danielle LaPorte. It rocked my world. Her premise is that identifying your core desired feelings, and then using them to guide you will help you find the life that you truly want.

A few pages into the book I knew I had found the next piece that I needed. And yet several days after finishing it I am still a bit stumped by the question, "how do I want to feel?" Equally hard is "what do I want?"

Between years of school being the dutiful student, and then subsequent to that years of being the dutiful mother, I know feel that I have doubly suppressed my feelings, my desire and my identity.

And so I am both intrigued and perplexed.

In talking about desire, she speaks to the inherent balance necessary: "Want it with all your heart. But don't get attached to getting it."

Useful and yet confusing at the same time. But I suspect current balance for me will be found by adding a healthy dose of desire and self awareness.

I've been doing quite a...

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Life is Not a Classroom

leadership Mar 25, 2018

I've been unschooling myself ever since I finished my masters degree 8 years ago.

It wasn't on purpose. I didn't know it. I didn't even have a word for it until this year. But I've had to, in order to find my way. Let me explain.

We all joke about how school didn't teach us enough about life. My college prep high school didn't allow time for home economics or even an official driving course. We also didn't learn anything about budgeting or parenting. But I think we've all accepted that school focused on reading, writing, math, science, history, etc.

So like everyone else I know, I've been slowly teaching myself over the last decade (since getting married) to cook, to budget, and then to parent, etc.

Along the way I began to explore all kinds of fun, practical and previously unknown worlds - such as gardening and painting. Additionally my husband introduced me to carpentry, web coding, and adventurous activities such as hiking, camping, and sailing.

But then my journey went deeper...

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Ownership, Self-Awareness, and Weight Loss

leadership Mar 23, 2018

Can thinking like a leader help me lose weight?

I'm going to find out, I'll let you know. (Forgive me if that's not where your focus is. Feel free to skip this one and wait for the next post if you want.)

I've been through the baby weight loss journey twice, after boy 2 and boy 3. My baby (#4) is 16 months old and to the discerning eye I still look pregnant. It really bothers me but I have not managed to align enough elements of my life for long enough to continuously make progress. I've actually lost ground over the last 6 months.

So can thinking like a leader help me with this? (and maybe help you with whatever your thing is right now?) I'm not sure.

But here is what I do know. Leaders take ownership, and they don't have a victim mentality. They know what is important, what matters and they take initiative. They think creatively, out of the box. They major on the majors and minor on the minors. They have passion and vision - in a way that is contagious.

I want that, all of that. I...

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Motherhood as Leadership

leadership Mar 22, 2018

I've been searching for something. Something that would make things click into place, that would bring me that elusive feeling of alignment and purpose, transcending the apparent fragmentation and division I experience balancing family life and a job. Although it's not that simple, this is more than just "work-life balance". I also feel the pull of technology as an escape and the disappointment in not knowing my neighbors. The first is common to us all, and the second seems totally within my power to accomplish. I know I experience so much that is common to other middle class, gen x/millennial-ish moms who juggle kids and house and may or may not work on top of it. I also need to lose the baby weight, still, one last time - also in my power to accomplish. It's so much harder this time but I know I can do it, I've done it before.

Anyway, getting to the point, I had a revelation last year, as I contemplated a domain and then a tagline for my blog. I was thinking about what my fellow...

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Managing vs Leading

leadership Mar 22, 2018

Recent conversations at work have got me thinking about management and leadership, and as a result re-reading Tribes, by Seth Godin. In it he makes an interesting distinction as he asserts that "managers manage by using the authority the [company] gives them" and that leaders don't care about official structure and instead "use passion and ideas to lead people." (pg 22)

In other words: when you manage, you do it out of the authority inherent in your position, and enforce certain rules, structure etc as a result.

When you lead, you prioritize values and creativity, and take initiative fueled by passion and emotional intelligence. You value people over results and the results follow.

And this is why when my kids ask me 'why', I never say 'because I said so'.

I want to model strength, hard work and even obedience, but also flexibility, compassion, and problem solving. I'm constantly working out the why and the how of my decisions as my husband and I run our household of six together,...

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Why You Should Segment Your Avatar

email marketing Oct 07, 2017

Do you know what the only thing better than having nailed your avatar is?

Turning her back into 3 avatars!

Ok, ok, I know that sounds crazy; before you label me as a heretic, let me explain.

What makes having a really clear avatar so powerful? It's the fact that you speak to a particular person in a particular situation. You stop being vague and inclusive, you talk to this new friend you've discovered and you figure out how to relate to her and to provide value to her life.

And then you discover there are thousands - or more - women in the world who relate to her, and you! And that is exhilarating when they first discover your blog.

But the fact is, you're not just writing to her, you're writing to the thousands of women who read your blog and identify with your avatar. But they are not all your avatar. They have their own unique life situations and, most importantly, are at various stages of the journey you envision for your avatar.

A Goal

What is your avatar's goal? We don't...

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