My Struggle to Niche Down, Provide You Value, and Be Authentically Me

I want to get back into doing some blog writing, and especially some of that is not all seo optimized, but just what's going on right now.

I'm really into the concept of self-awareness right now. Of course if you've been following me, you know that's not really a new development, more of a recurring theme.

I've come an incredible way with my mindset, my perspective and my attitude about life. My ability to have motivation for all the routine daily tasks has skyrocketed. I've more joyful, patient and confident about everything.

And I've gotten far enough into this journey that I'm thinking again about how to catch you up, and then how to do a better job of sharing along the way, so that hopefully as I get from where I was to where I'm going, I can hopefully help many of you began to make the same journey - whether only with your mindset, or also with your time management, finances, life balance etc.

My single biggest struggle has been the effort to niche-down. I keep hearing it is the best way to find my ideal reader, to engage you and to write content that resonates. But then I have the same struggle everyone seems to understand which is the desire to not arbitrarily exclude people.

Earlier this year I rebranded from energyformoms to energyformompreneurs in an effort to make it clear when people first see my brand that I'm going to be helping moms who work for themselves or who want to.

First of all, I actually just started a second site and left the first. So is still there with all the content from last year. I love the concept, the logo, the tagline, all of it. So I hope to come back and revive it someday.

But I decided this site is my current focus, I also realized that I really want to create courses and do online learning because that just suits me. I love to teach, I'm falling in love with video, and I just really want to try creating and offering online courses, so now this site, energyformompreneurs, is on kajabi instead of wordpress.

Second, I have been a work at home mom for years but I am not self employed or an entrepreneur yet, and am very early in my journey, so picking this domain was a bit of an act of faith, and an acknowledgement of the journey.

You may or may not know who Gary Vaynerchuk is, but he has some advice he gives young biz-hopefuls that I've really come to embrace. That is to focus on documenting instead of creating - in order to avoid writer's block, to keep doing and creating, being productive and authentic, embracing the journey.

If you want to find true success, you've got to learn to love the journey. Because this allows you to have the right approach and use the right strategies; have long term vision instead of taking shortcuts. I'm still figuring out how that applies to me as a mom, going through various seasons of my kids growing up. But I am starting to build something that I want to do forever. And I want to actually build it.

So documenting is a win-win for me and you. I'm working on getting my newsletter subscription form set up. (Msg me if you want on the list.) I've already started sending it out and it is a place where I'm sharing both marketing tips, and mindset strategies. Whatever I've found to be interesting or helpful this week, will be summarized in a list of 10 interesting things each Thursday. If you're curious about my process, I keep a running list in Google Keep that I add to whenever I learn or read something of note, and then Wed evening or Thur morning I sit down and start writing from the list until I have 10 things.

So I had a brainstorm a couple months ago, that the conversion of my passion and a profitable skill, is my work as a digital marketer, specifically my love of reports and mining data to find useful conclusions to direct future effort. But I've never gotten results outside my day job. So a month ago I started offering a complimentary consulting package to a handful of online biz friends, involving a custom report and a zoom chat to discuss their site, traffic, analytics account, overall marketing strategy, and strategic next steps to best use their current resources.

This has been really fun, and I've been sharing a video about each mompreneur on my YouTube Channel. I've also been putting each video on this blog as a vlog post, so that I have a complete collection of all my core content here.

However, as I dive into analytics and marketing strategy, part of my heart undeniably belongs to books. If my finances were different, I would focus solely on being the mompreneur mindset expert and motivational figure, and would have a book club and do interviews, go all in on that concept, etc.

So while I am getting more and more excited about being able to help other biz moms to use their traffic stats to guide their biz activities, I am constantly reading books, really good books. That I just have to talk about.

So that's what I'm doing on Instagram.  I'm trying to narrow down all my ideas to the few I've got to do and start with only those first. I only have so much time and I don't want to do more than I can do well. So as I'm really working on developing consistency, I picked a book to focus on on Instagram for awhile: High Performance Habits. If you're following me you've already seen the posts. I'll get a blog post up eventually, probably one per habit. I'm taking two weeks to cover each habit, because they're that good and that lets me actually work back through the book and the concepts and not necessarily get to it every day. I'm also posting fun quotes and other books.

I had a new idea, which is that I should post on Instagram every time I start a new book. This will help everyone, including me, to keep track. It also may be pretty comical.

Someone told me the other day that I'm so self aware, and my immediate thought was well - I'm at least aware that I want to be more self aware. In the past year or so I've come to realize several things about myself that were wonderful and obvious, and that I should embrace them more fully. But then I've also started to clearly see that there are many ways in which I've lived for years as an easy-going, flexible person, and I don't actually know what my opinions are. So I'm really excited about exploring my own preferences for things like clothes, food, and recreational activities, as well as decisions about resources like time and money.

For me this exploration will be from the mindset of assuming alignment with certain set factors. For example, my goal in my marriage is to figure out the best that he and I can be together, and explore together where that takes us over the next 50 years.

But I want to reject or reassess so many habits that we just take for granted. This starts with not reading or watching something just because my friends are. But spending my time how I truly get the most value, and then seeking out those I find having those conversations. So now I never watch tv unless it's sports with my husband or to watch with my kids.

Friends occasionally ask how I have time for everything I do. One of the main ways is that my blog is my hobby, that and reading. I don't do anything else with my spare time that I find in the margins of my life.

 So I got really into motivational YouTube videos, and then I got inspired to be productive and stopped watching. And then I missed them. So now I watch whenever I'm on the elliptical, and this has been hugely effective and getting me to find time for that activity every day.

Now I need to figure out how to get motivated to get back into better diet and nutrition habits. And if I can't figure anything else out, I might just have to start blogging about it again. Or maybe that could be on Facebook.

Anyway, thank you for reading. I hope this encourages you to just DO YOU, and to do what you need to figure out what the means for you.

Fall in love with the journey, but not anyone else's journey - your journey.


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