Alicia Eichmann is a writer, digital marketer, and loves to nerd out about analytics, reporting and data analysis. She also loves camping and painting; she currently resides in Suffolk, VA with her husband and their 4 boys.

Dear friend,

Hey there and welcome!

I am Alicia Eichmann and I am a writer and media strategist. After I finished my masters degree I spent 9 years working for a local real estate company and learning everything I could about websites, marketing and project management. While I’ve been working a day job as a marketer and beginning to do consulting on the side, at heart I am a writer.

I originally started the first version of this blog in 2017 to help me on my journey of self-education. I wanted to share about the ideas I was having from the books I was reading, about motherhood but from a different angle. At 35 years old I’ve got some fundamental questions about life that I’m still seeking to answer. As well as a ton of questions about motherhood and parenting that nobody prepared me for.

If you’re feeling over-educated, isolated, unfulfilled, burdened by school debt, or any of the above, I know how you feel.

If you’re not sure how to resist the tide of addictive food, addictive technology, and addictive stuff, I’m seeking the same answers you are.

If you’re seeking non-traditional income, and a way to work from home, I’ll have some insight for that.

Mostly I’ll be sharing what I’m reading and learning, from a place I think so many can identify with.

As I learn more about the entrepreneur world, I'll be sharing about my journey toward becoming a mompreneur, and some tips, tools and resources for you if you're a working mom starting or building your own biz.

I’ll be exploring various platforms, so if you want to subscribe to me via email, message me on social and I’ll let you know when I restart my email list.

I can't wait to meet you. If you haven't yet, find me on Facebook or Instagram and say hi. Oh, and please subscribe to my YouTube channel. I'll be adding videos regularly.

- Alicia


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